PGG (Physical Group Gaming): Play in the virtual and real world together.

PGG games are a marketers dream:

  • Great fun
  • Healthy
  • Get your phone out and play anywhere
  • Friends play at parties
  • Family play
  • Choose your unique character
  • All ages compete equally
  • Choose your own game and music backdrops/branding

Space Hoppers® ™ is a unique multi device PGG engine.

  • In prime markets +57% of households have an Apple device
  • Of these +60% have THREE or more devices!
  • Make the most of Apples Bluetooth Light superfast chip set to control your characters
  • Pick up and play tech. No Wi-Fi networking needed
  • Send your unique character from your phone into the gameandPLAY!!
  • Shared group play in both the virtual and real world

Combine your Bluetooth speakers or Apple TV for even more fun at parties

  • Play at parties, airport, hotel or anywhere.
  • Play your own music tracks from iTunes in the game
  • Have fun combining all your Apple devices together
  • Instant global audience of over 800 million!
  • Space Hoppers the first true mass market PGG game! Go viral!
  • Huge marketing potential.

GO VIRAL! Create a custom game based on Space Hoppers® ™ and distribute your message to +800 Million people on the Apple App store.

One of the most exciting and cost effective mass media opportunities I have come across in a long time. This is going to be huge. You could advertise virtually anything on this platform. This is great fun to play.

Dr D. Douglas CBE, Adam Smith Ltd

Space Hoppers® ™ PGG Games Engine We can take you through ALL or ANY stage of the development cycle based on your requirements and in-house skill sets.

  • +14 years of experience in software development
  • Focus on flexibility to meet your requirements
  • Using a proven engine reduces development time by 90%. Concentrate on your branding
  • Build highly desirable mobile games that put forward your message
  • All staff are UK based
  • Highly technical and creative teams.

Use Space Hoppers to market your Company, Event, Product or Team.

  • We can build you a Custom App based on our Space Hoppers Engine
  • Cut the time and cost of building a unique mobile game by 90%
  • We believe that PGG games have limitless potential as a form of mass communication
  • PGG games promote healthy exercise through group play to all ages

Marketing Agencies

Space Hoppers® ™ is a unique PGG game that has huge audience potential. The characters, back drops and game play can be customised to promote food, sports, travel, fashion or tech industries. You can market this on the Apple App Store for a unique global reach.

Game Developers

Space Hoppers® ™ is built for iOS in Objective-C libraries that integrate into Unity for game play. It is designed to be built upon with a series of development joint ventures. We have done the difficult stuff, now hook up and create something special.

Exercise Games

Everybody is talking about exercise games. Using clever mathematic error filtering we have built a complete multi device, pick up and play platform from which to launch your own exercise game concepts on. Release this to a world audience of over 800 million.

Music Moguls

Transform your band or artist into a custom Space Hoppers® ™ game on the Apple App store. Add your music tracks or entire album as the exclusive play list. Get global, unique exposure where Simon Cowell comes knocking on your door.

Sports Teams

Caricature your star players. We can take the Space Hoppers® ™ game and brand it for virtually any sport. Have your team immortalized into a unique game on the Apple App Store. Market this or keep as a reminder of that special moment.


Make friends and influence people with your own custom branded PGG game based on Space Hopper. Promote your Company, Politics, Product, Agenda, Anything! Use PGG technology as a positive message, healthy, group exercise and play game.